Life Members

HETTANZ is pleased to have conferred Life Membership to the members below. These members have shown outstanding contribution to Home Economics and Technology Education above and beyond what is required by their employers. They have enhanced the stand of Home Economics and Technology Education and the Association in the community. Furthermore they have demonstrated and developed innovative ideas for the betterment of their profession.

Ms Jan Tilley was annouced as the 2014 Honorary Life Member recipient at the Annual General Meeting Held at WELTEC, Wellington on the 17 May 2014.

Ms Barbara Dicker is the 2013 Honorary Life Member recipient, and the announcement was made at the National AGM held at the Otago Polytechnic, Dunedin.

Information to support the application for Honorary Life Membership of HETTANZ for Barbara Dicker.

The contributions Barbara made to home economics and technology education were extensive. In her capacity as HOD Home Economics at Waimea College [where I knew her best] she was always very professional, both in the caring way in which she managed her staff and her expectations of them. She was held in very high regard by the management and wider staff and in the community.

She was always prepared to trail, modify and implement new programmes and was always prepared to give many extra hours to her students to ensure their success. Through a variety of different initiatives Barbara has enhanced the standing of her subject areas. Her organised and thorough classroom practice and the relationship she developed with her student, colleagues and the wider community showed their respect for and of her.

Barbara extended her role into the community on many occasions by gaining feedback from caregivers and showing her support of them. Since leaving Waimea College she has acted in an advisory capacityand as a lecturer for Christchurch College of Education. In both these roles she has gained the respect of many people around the country for her wise counsel and for her extensive professional knowledge and sound advice. This, I am sure, has been valuable for many people as they develop their strategies for coping with the demands of their jobs.

Barbara has always been very supportive of HETTANZ and she has been a wonderful advocate for the organisation and its benefits for its members.

Karen Richardson

Just to affirm the nomination of Barbara Dicker and I want to say as a teacher coming back into teaching after 10 year break Barbara gave me time resources and encouragement to keep on keeping on.  She shared the love of the subject the desire to keep it in the fore front of opportunity for students and not to leave it on the back heap to gather dust and be trampled on but give it status and equity in the curriculum and school and going for university status.

Sheryll Gwynne

I am sorry I will not be going to conference. I think Barbara is a very deserving candidate. Most of my dealings with Barbara were as an advisor. I always found her to be extremely supportive and helpful with curriculum related matters. Barbara was willing to come into school and assist with planning. I know that was part of her job but how do you put into words the fact that Barbara was so open and friendly. Nothing was a bother. I am sure there are many teachers that benefited from her expertise and knowledge. I am no longer teaching Home Economics/Technology but have a Year 10 Health class and one student in Year 12.

All the best,
Jo Hillerby

Cheryl Pym, HETTANZ
Three Ladies, HETTANZ

Cheryl Pym has been associated with Home Economics and Technology Teaching in New Zealand since 1980 where she taught at Northern Southland College, Lumsden, between 1980- 2002.

Since then she has been involved with and taken a variety of roles in the education and training of Home Economics and Technology Teachers at Dunedin College of Education and Otago University.

She has supported and been a strong advocate for of Home Economics and Technology Teaching in New Zealand and Australia for a number of years and is a worthy recipient for the Honorary Life Member.

HETTANZ is proud to have awarded the following members with HETTANZ Life Membership:-

Ms Primrose Appleby

Miss Patricia Bawden

Mrs Valerie Congdon

Mrs Barbara Dicker

Mrs Pamela M. Isitt

Miss Brenda Morgan

Ms Noeline Nisbett

Ms Cheryl Pym

Mrs Frances Rowntree

Mrs Claire Service

Mrs Patsy-Ann Street

Ms Jan Tilley