Member Benefits

By becoming a member of HETTANZ you will be actively supporting our advocacy and leadership activities on behalf of Home Economics, Technology (soft materials & food), Early Childhood Education and Hospitality teachers. It is important that we are represented with a strong voice. To ensure our effectiveness we need the support of as many teachers as possible to enable our association to remain strong and to be here for its members.

In this time of change with new curriculum developments and teachers looking for support in their teaching, HETTANZ is here to provide the support teachers need.  Your active involvement as a member will ensure we remain strong as your subject association.

Key benefits include:-

  • Networking with subject professionals
  • Professional forum to assist with support & development
  • Curriculum and assessment updates from NZQA, National Executive of HETTANZ, MoE, related associations & industry professionals, education sector.
  • Industry resources including the HETTANZ National Certificate program
  • Member meetings – cluster meetings, seminar days, Annual General Meeting of the Association.
  • International conferences
  • Affiliation to IFHE – International Federation of Home Economics.
  • HETTANZ Certificate of Excellence for Students
  • HETTANZ Scholarships
  • Industry up-skilling
  • Advocacy of our curriculum areas with HETTANZ, TESAC, HPE and Technology
  • Informative Weekly Newsletters (term time only) emailed to your inbox

HETTANZ members have access to the Members Area which includes the following:-

  • Meeting updates
  • Professional learning and development information
  • Communication and administrative updates
  • Update member contact and personal details
  • Free resources
  • Links to relevant web sites
  • Regional updates
  • Conference presentations and papers
  • HETTANZ documentation and constitution

Membership Fees 2021

Please note – all HETTANZ memberships automatically renew each year in January unless we receive a written cancellation request to cancel a membership.

Individual Membership

One person with an annual fee of $120.00 (incl. GST).

School Memberships

A school can become a member and have up to eight individuals under one membership.  The Head of Department of the school will be signed up as the main membership holder and then up to eight staff members can sign up under the membership as an ‘Individual within School Membership’.  The school is sent one invoice for the membership.


The fee for a school membership varies depending on the size of the school roll. The annual fees are as shown below:


School Membership with a school roll under 500: $126.50 (incl. GST)

School Membership with a school roll of 501–999: $241.50 (incl. GST)

School Membership with a school roll of over 1000: $356.00 (incl. GST)