hettanz conference 2022


Opening Keynote:  Dale Bowie (Ideas 2 plate)

Dale Bowie gained his experience as a development chef in Heston Blumenthal’s Experimental kitchen at The Fat Duck. It was at The Fat Duck that Dale learnt to harness creativity, combining experimentation and creative thinking with his understanding of food science.

Having worked for Gordon Ramsey and other top chefs around the world he has a wealth of knowledge in the food development sector.

On returning to New Zealand Dale owned and operated Wanaka Gourmet Kitchen where he gained New Zealand experience. During Dale’s time as the development chef for the Te Mana lamb project, he saw the potential for New Zealand produce. Taking his passion for food, nutrition, and science he has created Ideas 2 Plate, a food development company.

Dale currently leads several development projects focussing on New Zealand flavors.

He is working closely with New Zealand farmers and AgResearch to look at new innovative products.

Sarah Wirth

Sarah is the immediate Past President of HETTANZ and HOD Technology at Samuel Marsden Collegiate.  You may have recently read Sarah’s scholarship report  about how she has  integrated digital technologies in a number of areas with Education, Engagement, and the Community.

She is a passionate advocate of sustainability and is here today to talk about Rethinking Textiles Technology Education in the 21st Century.

Christopher Will & Diana Davidson

Today we are fortunate to have both Hospitality Resources & Development Schools' Advisors for Service IQ with us.  Diana Davidson from the North Island  and her colleague Christopher Will from the South Island

ServiceIQ is 100% committed to helping talented New Zealand students gain foundation knowledge, NCEA unit standards and valuable work experience that can open the door to a job and kick start a career in the aviation, retail, hospitality, or tourism industries.

Today’s session is called celebrating student culinary excellence and we look forward to hearing all about it.

Maryclare Wood & Pippa Lawlor

Maryclare is a human dynamo and Executive member for Central South Island.  She is a passionate teacher and innovator, currently working in Intermediate Technology.

Pippa is HETTANZ Kaiārahi for Technology and a former Northland museum educator.

The session we are presenting today is called Contemporary korowai - Haere Whakamua

Zoe Timbrell

Zoe Timbrell (OMGTech!) will be a familiar face to many HETTANZ members, having presented a number of practical workshops using soft materials and E-Textiles at previous events.

In this session, Zoe will talk about the future of textiles. You'll be interested to hear her thoughts about the future of fashion, teaching for sustainability and how to teach cradle-to-grave concepts in a classroom setting.

In  the second session, you’ll have the opportunity to work with Zoe to explore hands-on how Computer Aided Design(CAD), Computer Aided Manufacture (CAM) and other digital technologies can transform soft materials in the classroom.

Elizabeth Beaumont

Elizabeth is a highly experienced teacher, curriculum and subject leader.  She’s currently TIC for Food Technology at Westlake Girls High School in Auckland. We’ve known each other for a number of years now since I was a North Island representative based in Auckland.  Elizabeth inspires her students and her teaching colleagues and is here today to talk about teaching STEM through Food Technology. So please join me in welcoming her.

Joyce Shankar-Kaye

Joyce is a passionate and enthusiastic Technology teacher with experience spanning a number of different materials and age groups.  She is always so committed to attending technology events and conferences, and you will know her for her outstanding social media postings - and if you don’t yet, you will do after today - Hashtag HETTANZ 22!

It’s great that this year Joyce is the one doing the presenting and she is here today to share with us ideas for infusing Pasifika Strategies.

Pauline Smythe

Pauline Smythe is a specialist teacher of fabric technology at Cobham Intermediate School.

Nicola Potts & Scott Leggett

I’m pleased to introduce this session called ‘What is the place of food and nutrition in your school curriculum?’  Our speakers are keen to share their thoughts with you and would like to introduce themselves, so without further ado, I’m going to hand over to Nicola Potts, TIC of Food and Nutrition and Hospitality, and our HETTANZ kaiarahi for Food and Nutrition, and her boss from St Patrick’s College Silverstream, HOD of PE, Health and Food & Nutrition, Scott Leggett.

Melanie Brown (Rolleston College)

Melanie Brown is currently in her 11th year as a Food teacher.

Prior to teaching, she was a fully qualified Chef,  working in Hospitality for 14 years.

She spent 9 years teaching Food Technology and Hospitality at Whangaparaoa College (North Auckland) and is now nearing the end of her second year as Head of Food at Rolleston College.

Jennis Hayes

Jennis is the current Executive member for North North Island. She is the TIC of Food Technology and Hospitality at Rutherford College, Tāmaki Makaurau.  Jennis is keen to design innovative programmes and student-led learning and is here today to talk about integrated learning strategies.


As an organisation, Bernina has a long relationship with HETTANZ as sponsors and judges of our HETTANZ Fashion Awards.

Vanessa Baxter (Masterclass)

Vanessa Baxter has lived a fearless life of adventure and challenge. She is well known in New Zealand for her passion for food, her presence on TV and radio, and her love of working to impact other people positively. She is fuelled by her own strength in fearless re-invention and the grasping of opportunities with gusto.


Adele Hingston & Ofa Schuster (ARA Modern Dessert Plating Workshop)

Adele Hingston is Ara’s patisserie tutor and Toque d’Or team Manager, the chef trainer responsible for guiding a team to win back-to-back victories as Supreme Winner in the prestigious annual Nestlé Toque d’Or student culinary competition.

Ofa Schuster is the chief administrator at Ara.  Ofa Schuster. Ofa was an adult student who came to a career as a chef later in life and she embraced the new challenge with passion.

Nicki Tempero

“Design Thinking” is based on Te Tukanga Hoahoa Whakaaro.

This framework for possibility and design takes a Te Āo Māori perspective capturing the essence of innovation in the stories of creation; Te Po, Te Whaiao, Te Ao Marama (From out of the Darkness, the World of Being, to the World of Light).

Applied to our thinking in the Junior Curriculum it is a focus on Matauranga Māori and the ways we may consider planning in the future.

Here to present this workshop for us today is Nicki Tempero from Core Education.

Amy Macaskill (Kai Tahu)

Amy is a graduate of the Wanganui School of Design (Bachelor of Fashion) and Toi Whakaari: NZ Drama School (Diploma in Costume Construction). She teaches Fashion Design Technology and DVC at Kāpiti College and has taught or lead school trips on 5 continents.

In her ‘Spare Time’ she designs and makes costumes for theatre including, Pakaru and Witi's Wahine. She has also been backstage for 7 productions of World of WearableArts and her film credits include What we do in the Shadows.

Amy is also Co Director of Taonga Puāwai her laser-cut earring business. She is a constant student of Te reo Māori and is forever trying something new.

In her Workshop, you will be making a decorative tukutuku panel and discussing how this project and other Ideas can bring Matauranga Māori into your classroom.

Alison Fowkes

Alison is the Ministry of Education  Curriculum Lead for Well Being.

Alison first came to New Zealand in 2004 and taught extensively in the secondary sector, including as a HOD Technology before taking up her current appointment last year.

The role of a Curriculum Lead is to support and co-construct with Kaiako to develop a local curriculum to achieve better learning and wellbeing outcomes for rangatahi.

Alison is here today to present a workshop on Curriculum Design Thinking in Junior Programmes. 

Helen Alpe

Helen works for the Heart Foundation in Canterbury. She usually works in the area of Early Childhood Education but has kindly upskilled to be able to talk to us today and cover for her colleague, who is sadly unable to attend. It means that she has also had to give up her weekend and look after her young children, so we are really grateful to her for making time for us and being here today.



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