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Adrienne Reeves

HETTANZ  President

E: president@hettanz.org.nz

I am Adrienne Reeves, teacher and Deputy Principal at Westland High School in Hokitika on the West Coast of the South Island. I am a long time learner and happy to have chosen a vocation in secondary level education. The skills taught and the knowledge bases built in our classrooms are second to none. The students who walk the corridors to our classrooms are privileged young people – even if they don’t know it yet.HETTANZ has always had an ‘eye’ on the future and I am grateful to be a part of that ‘eye’, in 2022.

Sharyn Macpherson

HETTANZ  Past President

E: ImmediatePastPresident@HETTANZ.org.nz

I teach at St Peter’s in Cambridge. I have many years of experience in teaching at a range of levels and using standards from a wide range of areas, including Home and Life Sciences, Technology, DVC and Hospitality. I really enjoy class room teaching and learning new skills to improve our students learning experiences. I have been a HETTANZ member since 1987, and have played an active role holding several positions in the Auckland branch and previously in the Bay of Plenty. In my spare time I enjoy quilting and scrap-booking and spending time with my family.

Sarah Wirth

HETTANZ Past President

E: sarah@hettanz.org.nz

A creative, results driven, student focused, leader and teacher with experience in fashion, textiles design, art and technology. I am Assistant Head of Technology Marsden Collegiate School, Karori Wellington since 2007. I have been a member of HETTANZ since 2007 and on the HETTANZ executive since 2010. I like developing innovative technology programmes with a focus on creativity and community networks. I embrace technologies in my year 7 – 13 programmes while focusing on skills in textiles adapting the Technology curriculum to respond to student needs. Having had a career in hospitality prior to my teaching career. A recipient of the HETTANZ Scholarship 2014. I am currently working towards my Masters of Education Victoria University.

Hettanz Executive

Sheryl Haines

E: sheryl@hettanz.org.nz

Jennis Hayes

E: jennis@hettanz.org.nz

Lauren Dick-McCann

E:  Lauren@hettanz.org.nz

Sue Hannaway

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E: carlin@hettanz.org.nz


HETTANZ Māori Representative

E: Maorirep@hettanz.org.nz

hetTanz kāiarahi

Nicola potts

Kāiarahi Food & Nutrition

E: KaiarahiFoodandNutrition@hettanz.org.nz

Catherine Dawson

Kāiarahi Materials and Processing Technology 

E: KaiarahiTechnology@hettanz.org.nz



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