hettanz fashion awards 2023


As one of New Zealand’s premier fashion design competitions for schools, these awards celebrate the enormous talent that you and your fellow students bring to the world of fashion and garment construction. 

The HETTANZ fashion awards offer a runway free competition opportunity for our students - open to all HETTANZ member schools and teachers. We hope you had lots of fun developing your entry and putting your creative talents to work. Good luck!

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The HETTANZ Student Fashion Awards competition is open to HETTANZ member teachers and schools only. Every school may enter three individual students per category working in materials technology, fashion, textiles technology or clothing and is aimed at encouraging excellence in practical construction techniques and processes, with recognition for individuality and creativity.



Free for HETTANZ members (Individual or school memberships) 


The 2023 Awards are divided into the following categories:

  • Junior Years 7 - 8 Open entry (Fashion or Non-wearable textiles items or Textile art)
  • Junior Years 9 –10 Fashion: Creative
  • Junior Years 9–10 Fashion: Technical
  • Senior Years 11–13 Fashion: Creative
  • Senior Years 11–13 Fashion: Technical
  • Senior Years 11–13 Fashion: Sustainable design

Year 7 and 8 OPEN ENTRY

HETTANZ would like to encourage year 7 and 8 students to enter this competition. Either a garment or a non-wearable textile project is acceptable for entry at this age level. Machine sewing is not compulsory for this category. Creativity and technical aspects are considered when judging. 


The emphasis in this category will be on the creative ability you show in the use and execution of fabric decoration techniques in the entry eg. screen printing, embroidery, applique, dye, iron on vinyl and/or structural design features eg. pleating, smocking, 3D fabric manipulation, fabric origami. If your strength is in creativity and design as opposed to technical construction ability, then this is the category for you. Seniors are required to enter an outfit. Juniors can enter a textiles project/garment eg a t-shirt, skirt, bag, or recycled garment.

Here is what the Judges will be looking for:

  • Evidence of the source of your inspiration
  • Innovative use of materials, embellishments (decorative techniques) and/or structural methods including use of the sewing machine
  • Suitability of materials for the design
  • Creativity, innovation, and originality 


The emphasis in this category will be on excellence in garment construction and finish. If you are a very competent sewer with a high level of practical sewing ability and precision, you will want to enter this category. Seniors are required to enter an outfit. Juniors can enter a textiles project/garment eg a t-shirt, skirt, bag, or recycled garment.

Here is what the Judges will be looking for:

  • A high standard of workmanship
  • Suitability and appropriateness of the design to the fabric used
  • A high degree of finish of all techniques and processes
  • A range of sewing machine techniques and processes executed in the garment or textile item.
  • The suitability of those techniques and processes to the garment or textile item style and design

Senior category only: SUSTAINABLE DESIGN

This category focuses on sustainability and its influence on fashion and textiles.  It is all about upcycling, minimizing, or transforming textile waste to reduce landfill, circular design and extending the life of textiles. Your outfit must be made from 80% upcycled or recycled fabric.

Here is what the Judges will be looking for:

  • Evidence of the source of your inspiration 
  • Evidence of the upcycled /recycled fabric that you have transformed into your outfit ie. a before and after photo
  • Please remember that sustainability is about lengthening the life of something and reducing waste.  If you make something that isn’t wearable, you have actually wasted resources in the process.
  • Creative/Innovative/original use of sustainable design strategies in the creation of the outfit.
  • A range of sewing machine techniques and processes executed in your outfit.


All categories Year 7–13 students should include:

The rationale for the outfit or garment/item. This can include but is not limited to: 

The brief and specifications, inspiration, research, design development, justification for choices.

 A photo journal or evidence of execution of techniques /construction should be included to confirm the student as the maker. 

No more than 4 pages of work. A3 or A4 are acceptable.

Colour photocopies of ‘work’ from student school books or portfolios will be accepted with each entry. Students are not expected to re-create material that already forms part of their schoolwork.

For any clarifications please contact info@hettanz.org.nz


Each school will be expected to choose their THREE best entries for each category being sent to HETTANZ New Zealand for judging (2023 change)

All entries must provide postage or courier costs to get the entry returned from to the Wellington office otherwise it will not be returned. 

Entries must be received by Thursday 12th OCTOBER 2023 (TERM 4 - Week 1)

  • Entries submitted for national judging must be clearly labelled, with your name sewn into the garments and accessories.
  • Remember to include named hangers if you wish to have them returned.
  • All entries must be accompanied by a completed online School Finalist Entry Form.
  • Entries must arrive at HETTANZ Office in Wellington no later than 5pm on Thursday 12th OCTOBER 2023
  • A photograph of your work entered in any categories must be modelled, printed out and included with the entry 


  • It is up to you whether you post or courier your entry. Drop offs are accepted.
  • Please include stamps, or postage paid courier bags for the return of your entry.
  • All entries will be returned to your school during the  Week ending 3rd  November (if you provide return courier bags with your entry)
  • Insurance of the entries is the responsibility of the entrant. The organisers will take all care but will not be responsible for loss or damage to items.
  • All finalists will receive recognition in the form of a participation certificate.
  • The Judge’s decision will be final, and no correspondence will be entered into.

Please note that garments or products will only be held for a limited time at the Wellington office for collection, should postage not be provided with the entry.


There are Bernina Bernette sewing machines for the Junior category winners and Bernina Bernette overlockers for the Senior category winners. Prizes for the placings in the other categories have been supplied by other sponsors; local businesses or HETTANZ. All prizes are subject to change and at the discretion of the sponsors.

All school finalists in this competition will receive recognition in the form of a certificate. Please ensure your name is correctly spelled on the School Finalist Entry Sheet as this is how it will appear on your certificate.

Mark these important dates in your diary today

Thursday 12th  October 

Entries will be accepted from Monday 9th October. 

Last day for HETTANZ to receive the garments / projects being submitted by your school for national judging

Week ending 20th October 


Week ending 27th October

The winner in each Category is announced via email.

Week ending 4th  November

All garments returned to students/schools (ensure you have included return courier bags)    

Enquiries: info@hettanz.org.nz


Student Entries

  1. The competition is open to all school students from Years 7 – 13 in New Zealand, from a school or organisation with HETTANZ membership.
  2. Each school can only submit THREE entries per category for national judging The garment or textile item must be made by the entrant.
  3. The entry must have been made in the current year and you must state on the entry form if it has been entered in any other competitions, including any prizes received.
  4. Garments/outfits can only be entered into one category. No multiple category entries
  5. Only include one outfit/garment per entry
  6. Group or team projects are not permitted – this is an individual competition.
  7. For the Junior Categories (unless stated otherwise), you must enter a project or garment that has a fashion element included in it. For example, it can be a t-shirt, skirt, bag, or recycled garment.
  8. For the Senior Categories, you must enter a complete outfit.
  9. Entries must be photographed in context or on a model so the judges can see how it is worn and/or how it functions.
  10. You must submit your details on the School Finalist online Entry form by Thursday 12th  OCTOBER 2023
  11. The teacher’s email address must be supplied in order for HETTANZ New Zealand to confirm your entry and keep your teacher informed of important information about the Awards. 
  12. By entering these Awards, the entrant accepts all conditions of entry and declares that all details are true and correct.

 Delivery of Entries

  1. Garments/entries must be received no later than 5pm on Thursday 12th OCTOBER 2023 or they will be disqualified. Please note the important checklist of items that MUST accompany each garment.
  2. All entries must be labelled with the entrant's name sewn onto garments. Accessories must also be named. All labels must not be visible when modelled. 
  3. It is the responsibility of entrants to insure their property from the time of initial dispatch through to its return. The organisers take no responsibility for garments lost in transit. 
  4. Once garments are in the hands of the organisers, they cannot be uplifted until released by the organisers. 
  5. Proper packaging and dispatch of garments and the costs are the responsibility of the entrant. Garments may be boxed for posting/freighting. Competitors will be charged for return courier costs if no return packaging is supplied.

See delivery Labels at the end of this document


  1. The judges have the right to move garments from one category to another within the correct age range. 
  2. HETTANZ NZ reserves the right to use photographs of entries submitted for National judging, for future promotional activities and publicity surrounding the HETTANZ Student Fashion Awards.

Send or deliver entries to:

C/ Avenues Event Management

(HETTANZ Fashion Awards)
Ground Floor 
17 Garrett Street
Wellington 6011

Download  packing labels 




PO Box 10612, Wellington 6143


 (+64) 04 499 8071